Smart Litigation Strategy for Family Law Case

Why You Need a Smart Litigation Strategy for Your Family Court Matter

Smart Litigation Strategy for Family Law Case

If your marriage is over, or you think it might be over, you will need to come up with a smart litigation strategy for your divorce or family law case.

Your first order of business is to find a competent, reliable, and experienced attorney that you can trust.

You don’t want just any attorney, you want a competent, experienced, family law attorney, preferably one who is a certified family law specialist. Our firm offers a confidential initial case evaluation. Call (949) 363-5551 to learn more.

Once you hire the best family law attorney you can find, the next thing to do is design a smart litigation strategy with your attorney.

Be honest with your attorney about what you need, what you are willing to compromise, and what your total budget is for litigation. Your attorney can tell you about what you are entitled to, and what you may have to fight for. No matter which attorney you hire, the family law code sets limits on what each spouse may receive in a divorce settlement. It’s important to find a competent and honest attorney who can tell you what you can expect from the process.

Use your head, and the advice of your lawyer, to design the best plan. Don’t let emotions get you caught up in less smart strategies.

Divorce and family law may be the most emotionally challenging and contentious field of litigation for the participants. Because it involves our most intimate family ties, it’s easy to get caught up in a litigation strategy based on strong feelings rather than a smart assessment of the facts.

What is not a smart litigation strategy?

Any strategy motivated by the idea of revenge against your spouse is not likely to be a smart litigation strategy. Instead, consult with your attorney to design a strategy that will promote an optimal outcome for you and your children.

Solve your emotional problems with a therapist or counselor, use the family court system and your Attorney to secure an optimal case outcome.

For the emotional problems and challenges that come with many family law cases, it’s important to get qualified help, but not from your attorney. This will waste your money and your attorney’s billable hours. Instead, choose a qualified counselor, a religious leader, or trusted friend to help you sort through the emotional issues related to your family court matter.

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