Back to School Tips for Divorced Dads in California

Back to School Tips for Divorced Dads in California

Back to School Tips for Divorced Dads in California

Summer break is over and children in Southern California have returned back to school. Here are five tips for divorced dads or anyone in a blended family to help your kids succeed this year.

  1. Make sure your contact information is on file with the school and that the administrators and teachers know to contact both of you if something comes up. Too often, mom is the default parent who is contacted due to social norms. When you are no longer living with your child’s mother, you will want to make sure that the school knows to keep you in the loop.
  2. Keep it positive with your ex-spouse and other important people in your child’s life. No matter what your feelings are, you owe it to your children to keep things as healthy and positive as possible with your ex. See tip #3 next for one idea about how to use technology to promote this kind of coparenting relationship.
  3. Use technology and social media among yourselves where appropriate. Here’s one idea- open a group messaging thread with all the important adults in your children’s life (parents, stepparents, grandparents, etc.). Name the group chat after your kid and use the chat to celebrate accomplishments in your child’s life. Keep the conversation light and steer clear of serious topics. Share cute kid photos, a snapshot of the test they got an A on, a video of their latest soccer game or ballet recital, or any other accomplishments.
  4. Use a calendar (either a wall calendar or a phone app depending on your preferences) to track important dates for your child. This can include the dates of projects they have due, tests they need to study for, performances/athletic events, or any other important date. Staying organized will help you stay involved and help your child succeed in school.
  5. Keep a routine! Children, especially children of divorce, need stability in their lives. For the school nights they are in your custody, make a routine for your kids and stick to it!

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