At the start of your California divorce, you might feel that all the issues and processes of divorce are within your control. You may have researched what is required for a divorce in California and even had a conversation with a California divorce lawyer. However, what is apparent at the onset of a divorce is very different than being in the middle of one.

As your divorce grows in consequence and question from a single straightforward issue to a web of legal, procedural, and personal conundrums, many people turn to outside support. Some of this support comes from professionals in therapy, accounting, legal, and child support.

Should You Hire a Therapist for a California Divorce?

It’s common for separated or divorcing spouses to seek advice from a therapist. Less common, but growing in number, are the former spouses choosing to attend family counseling or group therapy together. The usefulness of therapy is very personal and dependent on the personality of an individual and dynamic of the couples.

What personality traits are helpful for a therapy session? First, you should be open to therapy before scheduling your first session. A closed mindset or unwillingness to participate in therapy reduces the benefits. As well, having an agenda or set of issues that are on your mind allows the therapy sessions to progress more quickly. Finally, the availability to make consistent therapy sessions is important.

Some of the benefits of therapy during a California divorce include a better understanding of your former spouse, willingness to compromise and insight into how to compromise strategically, and improved communication skills. You may also work through financial issues, dependency problems, and questions of commitment during your therapy sessions. Many people tell their California divorce lawyer that a therapist helped them understand the real reasons behind their divorce and what led to their marital problems.

Do You Need an Accountant or Tax Advisor?

A California divorce is rife with financial and tax implications, many of which are best handled by a personal accountant or tax advisor. You will need to file your taxes differently, report income separately from your former spouse, and update documents with your employer to change filing status and deductions. You can accomplish a great deal of this on your own, but if you want certainty that your financial changes are correct and the most cost-effective, an accountant can provide the necessary advice.

Is It Helpful to Have Someone Counsel Your Children?

Many children have a tough time during divorce. Often, these strong emotions towards the divorce process aren’t the fault of either spouse, but simply a reaction to the changing circumstances that accompany any divorce. However, these reactions from the youngest members of your family do impact the divorce process and the outcome. It is inevitable that if your children have a substantially negative reaction to the divorce, there are more hurdles to compromise with your former partner.

It can be helpful to have a professional provide counsel to a child struggling with divorce. Not only does this bring peace of mind and better understanding within your family, it may be a positive influence on the outcome of your divorce. A child might be better equipped to express their opinions, preferences, and views of the divorce – leading to an outcome that also serves their best interest.

Should You Hire a California Divorce Lawyer?

Finalizing a California divorce isn’t just settling one issue, but several. There are financial considerations, property and living arrangements to sort out, and custody and child support compromises. While this doesn’t read like a laundry list of legal issues, each has legal standards and related rules that can impact the outcome of your case. If you misunderstand or ignore the legal implications of a divorce, you could sacrifice critical arguments, strategic points, or financial incentives. In each of these instances, you wind up with a worse outcome than if you had proper legal counsel and advice.

All of this is not to mention the procedural requirements of a California divorce. A California divorce lawyer can provide assistance with the strict requirements regarding filing, timing, and authorization. Missing these details is more than a detriment to your case, it could result in your divorce being delayed or denied.

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