How to Read Reviews to Choose a Five Star Lawyer

how to read reviews to choose a lawyer

Online reviews have become a central part of our decision making process for nearly everything these days. From something as inconsequential as choosing the best bluetooth speaker, to something as important as choosing the best divorce attorney in town, you are probably the type of person who does their research (including reading online reviews) before they choose a product or service. Here are some pointers for reading reviews to choose an attorney:

  1. Start with the google reviews and read through what has been said about the attorney you’re considering. Look for what most people say about how they were treated and how responsive the attorney and his or her staff were. Do you like what you see? If not, it’s time to check out the next option.
  2.  What about bad reviews? Don’t automatically discount a prospect just because they have a few negative reviews- in fact, this could just be a sign the attorney has a high case volume (which means he or she is experienced). If someone has been in practice for many years and seen thousands of cases, a few negative reviews are par for the course. Look at the overall percentage of negative to positive reviews. Of course, you are looking for someone who has a strong majority of four or five star ratings. Consider that not all reviews are left by former clients, for example, a negative review of our law firm was left by a job seeker who was unhappy she was not hired.  In the case of divorce attorneys, sometimes the client is very happy with their attorney but their ex-spouse (who naturally is unlikely to feel very kind towards their former spouse’s attorney) poses as an actual client and writes a 1 star review to get revenge! This is a common occurrence. Rather than focusing on any single one or five star review, try reading all the reviews carefully and looking at the overall trends.
  3. Quantity matters. How many good to great reviews does your potential attorney have? Quantity matters quite a bit. If your potential attorney has many people recommending him or her, that is one of the most reassuring signs you can find. Look for at least 30-50 good to excellent reviews for your attorney. Less than that and you are quite possibly choosing someone who is either inexperienced or who tends to leave clients either dissatisfied or indifferent.
  4. Don’t just check client reviews, check peer ratings. The experience of previous clients is important, but equally important is how an attorney is rated by his or her peers. Seeing that  an attorney is well rated by their peers is an excellent sign that the attorney is honest, ethical, and skilled. It’s easy for an attorney without scruples to rack up billable hours filing frivolous motions or impeding your cases’ progress through the system. The best way to avoid this type of attorney is to look for someone well rated by their peers. Mr. Bledsoe has been consistently rated high by his fellow legal professionals throughout his career. Here are the peer ratings he currently holds:

    Mr. Bledsoe’s peer ratings.

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