Suffering from bipolar, you wear many faces but you’re not sure which one will engulf you today. It’s a whirlwind of emotions that take over when you least expect it, but not only is it a struggle for the individual themselves, but family, friends and partners too.

If you’re married to someone suffering from bipolar disorder then I’m sure to know all too well how difficult it is. One moment your life is full of love, great energy, and the next there’s a shadow looming over your relationship.

So, what can you do for yourself and your partner?

Get support.

It’s not easy being married to someone who suffers from bipolar disorder, you find yourself focusing all your time and energy into caring for the person you love, and forget to care for yourself too.

Consider getting support by joining a support group or talking with a therapist. Talking with a therapist can help you to come to terms with all the faces of bipolar and allow you to focus on how you feel. In turn, making it easier for you to understand your partner and giving you the chance to let some steam off.

Build on your relationship.

Mental illness can take its toll on most of us, especially when you’re in a relationship. Couples therapy is a great way to build on your relationship and learn to understand the struggles both you and your partner are facing.

Take time away to renew yourself.

It’s okay to need some breathing space especially when your partner’s moods are at a high.

Go on a trip and take some time out to de-stress and analyze your emotions, it’s a great way for you to understand how you feel whilst getting some much needed alone time. This will benefit your relationship in the long run.


Like any relationship, communication is important especially when your spouse is bipolar. Sit and talk with your spouse to discuss what’s beneficial for them when their moods are bad, this way you can understand how you should act around them.

Speak about your feelings too, this way you can come to mutual agreements, helping you become closer.

Recall your best moments, and laugh.

Whilst, it all sounds serious it’s important to enjoy the good times for what they are. Remember why you fell in love with your spouse and when times get tough, laugh with one another.

Often the best way to get your bipolar spouse out of a low mood is laughing with them.

It’s easy to neglect your own thoughts and feelings when caring for your spouse, but it’s important for you and your relationship to keep your own health in check. Bipolar disorder is difficult to handle so when in doubt remember it’s okay to ask for help when you need it most and it’s okay to take a timeout and in no way does it mean you’re letting your loved one down.

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