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Alimony Lawyer in Orange County

Getting Clients Their Fair Share in Complex Divorces

Couples going through a divorce face many difficult decisions with no easy answers. These complicated issues must be resolved while the two individuals are coping with the breakup and all of the complicated emotions that come with ending their marriage. One of the critical questions that must be answered in most divorces in Orange County is that of alimony or spousal support.

Whether you are being required to pay alimony or if you are a spouse who needs financial help following a divorce, you need a skilled family law attorney who will watch out for you and help you understand your rights. Attorney John A. Bledsoe’s legal team can help you whether you are seeking temporary maintenance or permanent alimony. We will also protect your rights if your ex-spouse is seeking maintenance payments.

Please reach out to our law firm right away to get the legal counsel and representation you need at this critical time. We can help ensure that your alimony payment matches your needs and that your rights are protected. Call our compassionate, capable legal team today at 949-889-1227.

What is Alimony in California?

In many divorce cases, a former spouse is not prepared to provide for their own income because they are accustomed to the income provided by their ex-husband or ex-wife. The individual seeking alimony may not have the higher education or skills to support themselves. In these cases, a judge may issue a court order that awards alimony payments to one spouse.

The spousal maintenance award may temporarily give the individual time to develop skills and obtain the schooling necessary to provide for themselves. In other circumstances, permanent spousal maintenance may be awarded because the ex-spouse cannot work due to age or illness. If you are facing a battle over alimony payments in California, you need an excellent attorney who understands the law and will fight for you. Call our spousal support attorney today to learn more about how we can help.

What Factors Can Influence an Alimony Decision?

If your alimony case goes before a California judge, the decision will be based on many factors. Some things that could influence the court order include:

  • The standard of living the couple experienced before the divorce
  • Each spouse’s ability to be self-supporting
  • The marketable skills possessed by both individuals
  • Current job markets for the person’s skill set
  • Each spouse’s current or potential earning capacity
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Monetary contributions to the marriage
  • Sacrifices made by the other spouse to allow one spouse to work and obtain education
  • The ability of the other spouse to make a maintenance payment
  • The child custody agreement and how much time children will spend with each spouse

A fair alimony calculation can greatly affect your ability to live as you wish after your divorce. Protect your rights by hiring a skilled spousal support lawyer like Attorney Bledsoe and ensure you get the spousal support agreement you need.

What Assets Are Subject to Division in a Divorce in California?

The division of marital property is another matter related to living the life you deserve following your divorce. In California, judges attempt to divide the marital estate as fairly as possible. However, some assets, such as the house and vehicles, cannot be divided. These assets may be split up unfairly, with the judge considering many of the same factors associated with the alimony agreement.

Furthermore, some assets need not be included in the marital estate. Rather than being considered communal property, these items are the sole property of one individual in the marriage. A prenuptial agreement can help in these scenarios where decisions are made before the couple marries.

Some examples of items that need not be divided in a divorce are:

  • Inheritance given to one spouse only
  • Gifts
  • Businesses owned by a spouse prior to the marriage (although the other spouse may have a claim on some aspects of the company if they sacrificed their time to allow their spouse to run the business.)
  • Items listed as separate property in a prenup

Dividing the marital estate and deciding how to handle alimony payments are some of the most critical aspects of your divorce. You need to get adequate legal representation to avoid unfair calculations and alimony payments that do not match the needs of your current situation. Please call our law office right away to speak with our legal team and see how we can help you get the court decision you need in these essential legal issues.

How Can Having a Prenuptial Agreement Affect Alimony in a California Divorce?

Many couples wonder if having a prenuptial agreement can help settle the question of alimony in their divorce. The truth is that a prenup may not legally prescribe an amount of maintenance

payments, depending on where you live. For example, child custody cannot be outlined in a prenup and will be nullified by a judge during a divorce.

Prenups are excellent for couples entering the marriage with valuable assets that they want to keep separate as they help with the division of the marital estate in case of divorce. However, it is more difficult to get a judge to honor an agreement regarding the spousal support payment. Contact a trusted legal representative to learn more about creating or enforcing a prenuptial agreement in Orange County.

If you have questions about whether your alimony payment is fair or if you need to request a modification of your current court order, call The Bledsoe Firm today.

Can I Resolve Alimony Questions in Mediation?

In modern divorces, much attention is given to cases that require going to family court where a judge issues a final order. However, families can save a great deal of time, money, and stress by finding solutions through mediation.

Mediation involves privately meeting with your ex-spouse or their lawyer to find solutions that meet your unique needs. Finding resolutions through mediation can be highly beneficial because the couple completely controls how to handle various issues, including alimony payments. However, it is essential to remember that decisions made in mediation are not legally binding. If one spouse fails to uphold their obligations, the matter may need to go before a judge, where a legally binding court order will be issued.

Our skilled team of attorneys can help you navigate the financial changes that come with divorce, including allowing you to find alimony solutions through mediation. We are dedicated to helping each client get the care they need as they enter a new phase of life. We will use our powerful negotiating skills to get you positive results, whether you choose to try mediation or need representation in the courtroom. Call now for the legal help you need.

Should You Hire Our Alimony Attorney?

Resolving the matter of alimony can make all the difference for your future. With adequate spousal support payments, you can keep your standard of living and get the extra time you need to get training and education before entering the workforce. If your ex-spouse is seeking spousal maintenance, you also need legal representation to protect you from being unfairly treated and keep your hard-earned money as much as possible.

The alimony attorney at our law firm has dedicated nearly 30 years to helping clients achieve their goals. We help individuals get the funds they need to attend college and live their dreams following a divorce. We also protect those who need help achieving a permanent alimony payment because of age, mental ability, or illness.

At The Bledsoe Firm we treat each client respectfully and honestly. We recognize that you are more than a case number and will treat you with the care and dedication you deserve.

Our compassionate legal team listens carefully to each person’s concerns and questions, answering without using complex legal terms. We will fight tirelessly for your rights and be there for you every step of the way, both as a law firm and as a friend. Contact our dedicated legal team to learn more about how you can benefit from an alimony lawyer in your divorce. You can reach us by calling 949-889-1227.