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Laguna Hills, CA Family Law Office

Our Laguna Hills, CA, Family Law Office is conveniently located in Orange County, including clients in Laguna Hills. Head straight up Alicia Parkway, and you can be here in ten minutes. We will then help you with a variety of family law issues.

Laguna Hills is heavily populated by senior citizens. The median age is 75.5. Elder abuse cases, not divorce cases, take up the bulk of our caseload from Laguna Hills. Elder abuse rates are skyrocketing throughout the county, but Laguna Hills’ aging population means it is hit particularly hard.

If you suspect a senior loved one is being abused by a caregiver, we can help.

Senior Care Resources

We’d also like to share these resources with you. They can help you keep your senior loved one happy, healthy, and safe.

Keep in mind many of our legal services can prevent incidents. You can reduce your senior’s risk of abuse with proper estate planning. We can also help you advocate for safe and appropriate guardianship, put the proper power of attorney documents into place, and can set up advance directives to protect you or your loved one.

We would like to see every senior live out their golden years in safety and peace. Family conflicts surrounding senior care can also become extremely contentious, even when every member of the family sincerely cares about their senior. Fights about guardianship can go all the way to court. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t despair. Contact The Bledsoe Firm so we can help you protect your loved one.

We’re here for you, Laguna Hills.

A majority-senior population doesn’t mean all kinds of family law issues don’t arise. Plenty of people get divorced after retirement, for example. Whatever your family law issue you can rest assured we’re here to help. We’re compassionate experts dedicated to helping you navigate some of the toughest issues you’ll ever face.

Don’t try to navigate your family law issues alone. Contact us today to set up an appointment.