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Foothill Ranch, CA Family Lawyer

Our Bledsoe Foothill Ranch, CA Family Law Office Firm helps clients in Foothill Ranch resolve a wide variety of family law issues. Divorce can create many issues but is not responsible for all of them.

Here are a few of the most common questions we receive from our local clients:

How much child support can I expect to pay in Foothill Ranch, CA?

Child support can be a complex issue, but is guided by some fairly reliable formulas based on the net income of both the mother and the father of the child. Your net income is your after-tax income. It excludes certain income sources, like SSI.

While it’s common for the parent the child lives with the majority of the time to receive child support, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes both parents are required to pay it. Complexities like this one are a good reason to keep a qualified family law attorney by your side as you navigate issues of child support.

You can use this calculator to get a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay under normal circumstances. Keep in mind child support can also cover other forms of support, like being required to maintain an active health insurance policy for your child.

Can I get my marriage annulled in Orange County?

Yes, though only under certain circumstances. An annulment is simply a declaration stating the marriage wasn’t legal to begin with. You might get an annulment if, for example, both parties were too young to legally marry in the first place.

Other circumstances which might allow for an annulment would include marriages tainted by:

  • Force
  • Fraud
  • Bigamy
  • Incest
  • Physical incapacity
  • Mental incapacity

Getting an annulment doesn’t always offer a significant benefit over getting a divorce. The courts will still divide property and debts and may still require one party to pay support to the other. Good legal representation is still important during an annulment case.

How can I modify a spousal support or child support order in Orange County courts?

The process is straightforward, though the resolution of the process isn’t always. First, keep in mind you will need to prove changed circumstances if you are seeking a modification. The circumstance could be a change in your income, a change in your ex’s income, or some other relevant fact.

If nothing has changed there will be no reason for the judge to modify the order. The order you are targeting can’t be a “non-modifiable” order, so check the original order paperwork carefully. After that, we’ll file a motion for you called an RFO, or request for the order. The other party will be served with the order and will have a chance to respond.

There’s a chance the other party will agree to settle the issue out of court, or won’t contest the change. If that’s the case both you and the other party will sign a Stipulation and Order agreement. This agreement gets filed and the changes get made. If not, the relevant issues will have to be put before a judge at a hearing.

What do I need to know about paternity cases in Foothill Ranch?

Paternity touches on a great many issues, including child support, child custody, and visitation. The legal father of a child may have the right to be involved in the major decisions touching that child’s life, like decisions regarding medical care, education, and religion. Paternity also needs to be established before name changes can be processed, or before a birth certificate can be modified to include an unmarried father’s name.

Paternity is assumed when the parties are married. Keep in mind fathers aren’t the only ones who launch paternity cases. Mothers can as well. So can the Department of Child Support Services. Paternity may require genetic testing. It may also be as simple as a man stepping up to sign a Declaration of Paternity form.

If the mother disputes your paternity you may have to defend it. We would start the process by filing a Petition to Establish a Parental Relationship on your behalf. Then, we will use all our skill and experience with paternity cases to fight for you.

Got more questions?

Family law is one of the most complex and life-changing forms of law you’ll ever tangle with, but the The Bledsoe Firm is here to help. Contact us to get your questions answered today, or to get help with your case.