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Foothill Ranch, CA Divorce Lawyer

Orange county’s high divorce rate means there are plenty of Foothill Ranch residents who need specialized help from a skilled, experienced Foothill Ranch, CA Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a life-changing experience. The major issues of any divorce can literally change your life for years to come. Most people are extremely anxious about the process. Here are the most common questions and concerns we’re here from Foothill Ranch residents.

How much does a divorce cost in Foothill Ranch?

The basic filing fee is $435. If you’re responding to a Summons and Complaint you’ll also need $435 for the response.

These are just the basic court fees. Most people who are going through a divorce will want to put aside some money for attorneys fees and other costs. You may need child care, money to cover unpaid personal time at work, and money to move into a new home or apartment once the divorce is done.

Good planning can help keep you from getting blindsided. Everyone would love to hear divorce is super cheap. In reality, it is a long, involved, and expensive process. You can reduce expenses somewhat by remaining strategic rather than allowing emotions to take over as you work through the major points of negotiation.

How long does a divorce typically take?

You should expect your divorce to take a minimum of six months. Don’t be surprised if it takes longer!

If this comes as bad news, remember this. It’s more important to divorce well than to divorce fast. Take a deep breath and commit yourself to letting the process take as long as it needs to. Remember the outcome will impact you and any children you may have for the rest of your life. It should take time.

Do you recommend any resources for people going through a divorce in Foothill Ranch?

As attorneys, we’re not equipped to help you deal with the emotional side of the divorce process. We’re here to help you deal with the business side. The emotional side can impact your decision-making process, though, so we do urge you to seek some support.

For some of our clients, a private therapist is a right decision. Others will thrive in local divorce support groups. These groups can support you both during and after your divorce.

How hard is it to get a divorce without a lawyer in Foothill Ranch?

It’s terribly easy if you want to shoot yourself in the foot. Filing the paperwork looks simple enough on the surface. In reality, it’s anything but. Without help from a qualified Foothill Ranch, CA Divorce Lawyer, you could create unbalanced agreements, agreements you can’t enforce, or agreements which come back to bite you later.

Don’t take chances. Our office is just ten minutes away from Foothill Ranch. Call us, chat with us here on our website or stop by and see us. You might regret your marriage, but you’ll never regret working with us.