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Fathers’ Rights Lawyer in Orange County

Protecting Fathers with Critical Legal Issues

Experiencing a divorce can be frustrating, especially if you are a father who feels that the system is biased against you. However, in recent years, judges and family courts in California have established that fathers have the same legal rights as mothers and have made many strides in treating dads with fairness during divorce. Even so, having a father’s rights lawyer on your side is critical to ensure you are fairly represented during your divorce proceedings.

Many important issues may arise during a divorce, including child custody, child support, division of the marital estate, and spousal support. These matters can have a significant impact on your future, including whether you have the funds necessary to provide for your children and your own needs. With a skilled father’s rights attorney on your side, you can have a greater hope for a fair settlement and a continuing relationship with your children.

For the advocacy you need during this difficult time, contact the parental rights lawyer at The Bledsoe Firm. We will listen compassionately to your story to understand your concerns. We will also conduct an investigation to eliminate any repercussions from any alleged assault. Contact our law firm today at 949-889-1227 to schedule a consultation.

What Rights Do Orange County Fathers Have?

Family law in California recognizes that fathers have equal rights when it comes to divorce. Contrary to popular belief, mothers should not be automatically favored when it comes to custody, child support, and visitation rights. Fathers have equal rights to care for their children and be a part of their lives.

Child Custody

Parents in California have many options when it comes to child custody. It is commonly understood that having both parents in a child’s life is preferable, leading many judges to award shared or joint custody to both parents. The details of how much time each child will spend with each parent depend on the circumstances of the specific case. However, a father has as much of a right to raise the child as the mother. This includes residential and legal custody or the right to make critical decisions regarding the child’s education, healthcare, and religion.

Child Support

While many people assume that the father will pay the mother’s child support, this is not always the case. Child support decisions vary depending on each parent’s income, how much time the parents spend raising the children, whether the parent has remarried, and other factors. In many cases, a mother who earns more income and does not have children as often will pay child support to the father. If you are a father seeking child support, reach out to our attorneys for help getting a fair child support order that meets your needs.


If the father is not the legal custodian, he still has the right to interact with his child and visit them, except for extreme cases such as where abuse has occurred. Mothers in California who engage in parental alienation by denying the father access to the children could face legal consequences. If you are seeking visitation rights or need to fight false claims of domestic violence to remain a part of your child’s life, contact our law firm immediately.

Can a Father Receive Child Support Payments in a California Divorce?

Most people think of a husband paying child support to his wife following a divorce. However, this does not always play out. Just as the father has the right to equal parenting time, he may also seek child support payments if he needs help to provide for their minor children financially and the mother makes sufficient income.

With a skilled attorney on your side, you can get a fair settlement regarding child support payments. This may include seeking child support, fighting an order for unfair child support payments, or petitioning to modify your current child support order. The California court system does not favor either the mother or the father, and you have every right to the financial support you need following your divorce. Call us today to learn more about how we can help.

What Should I Do If I’m Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence?

No one should have to undergo false allegations, especially of domestic violence. However, some divorcing spouses use the allegation of abuse to undermine their ex’s ability to gain custody and continue to have a relationship with the children.

If you are falsely accused of domestic violence, you could face serious consequences such as loss of child custody or even jail time. Don’t let the prospects of a conviction stop you from fighting these false allegations. You can get the legal help you need from the experienced legal team at The Bledsoe Firm. We fight for our clients and work tirelessly to uncover the truth no matter what hurdles come our way. Reach out to our father’s rights attorney today for the legal representation you need to fight false accusations of abuse.

Should You Hire Our Fathers’ Rights Attorney?

Whether married or unmarried, you have parental rights under California law that must be respected. We understand how important it is for children to have a father in their lives, and we know what it means to you to fight for that right following your divorce.

Whether you need help establishing paternity, seeking child support, petitioning for custody of your children, or protecting your visitation rights, we will stand by your side throughout the process. Our legal team has handled countless cases on behalf of fathers in our 26 years of practicing family law. We know what it takes to get a favorable outcome and will stop at nothing to get the results you need.

Don’t rely on divorce attorneys who won’t fight for your rights as a father. Call The Bledsoe Firm right away and schedule an appointment at 949-889-1227.