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Laguna Hills, CA Elder Abuse Lawyer

If you’re looking for top-notch advocacy and legal care to protect your rights or the rights of a senior loved one, look no further. The Bledsoe Firm has the right team of Laguna Hills, CA, Elder Abuse Lawyers you need to keep your senior safe.

The aging population in Laguna Hills means we see elder care and abuse cases coming out of this town than any other part of Orange County. Here are a few of the most common questions we receive.

What is elder abuse in Laguna Hills?

Elder abuse is any kind of abuse targeting a senior. It is often conducted by the senior’s caregiver, though not always. It can include physical abuse and neglect, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse such as name-calling and humiliation.

It can also be more subtle. Senior citizens are especially vulnerable to financial abuse. Caregivers with power of attorney or access to the senior’s financial information are in a position to steal or misuse funds, forge the senior’s name to gain access to financial benefits, or misuse financial resources in other ways.

Seniors who are being abused need strong advocates to keep themselves and their interests safe.

What’s the best way to prevent elder abuse?

The best way to prevent elder abuse is through careful legal planning while the senior is still in a position to make decisions.

For example, the senior may know exactly who he or she trusts to make major decisions. That caregiver should be identified and given power of attorney early. There are other measures that can erect a protective legal fence around your loved one before anything goes wrong.

Obviously, thoroughly researching third-party caregivers like home health care agencies or nursing homes before entrusting your senior to them can help ensure they’re getting solid care as well. If a family member will be caring for the senior, putting a support structure in place that will prevent him or her from getting overwhelmed and frustrated can also be very helpful.

What are the signs of elder abuse?

Many of the warning signs are similar to any other abused person’s. Others are more subtle. Look for:

  • Unexplained bruises or injuries
  • Caregivers who refuse to let anyone else be alone with the senior
  • Unusual or unexplained weight loss
  • Strange sores
  • Unsanitary or unsafe living conditions
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Sudden and suspicious changes in legal policies
  • Large and unexplained withdrawals from the senior’s bank account
  • Duplicate medical billing
  • Too much or too little medication

Senior abuse can be difficult to identify as some of the signs of dementia are similar. Sometimes more investigation is required.

What can I do if I suspect my loved one is being abused?

Contact our law offices. We can help. We might be able to pursue legal action against the abusive person or institution. Legal guardianship provisions can help a senior loved one who can’t take care of himself or herself. There are many options.

Every case is different. Don’t try to tackle an abuse case alone. Get the qualified help you need to protect the rights of your senior loved one. Contact us today.