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Contested Divorce Lawyer in Orange County

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Experiencing a divorce can be one of the most complicated human events someone can live through. Ending a marriage requires moving on from a life you built together with another person and can be emotionally damaging and frustrating. This is especially true when you and your ex disagree on how to handle the many decisions that must be made during a divorce, such as child custody, child support, and division of marital assets.

When you feel it’s time to end your marriage, you need support from a trusted legal professional who can help you resolve these issues and ensure the outcomes are as much in your favor as possible. While it is preferable to find solutions through mediation, sometimes it is necessary to get answers in court. When this happens, you need an experienced family law lawyer to help you navigate the contested divorce process and present your arguments fairly and confidently before a judge.

At The Bledsoe Firm, our talented legal team has handled countless divorces during our 26 years of practicing family law. We are prepared to help whether you seek legal advice regarding asset distribution, child custody, child support, or another issue during your divorce. If you are a parent who is expected to pay child support or alimony, we will defend you aggressively to ensure the final order is fair and does not impede on your rights. Call our law office today at 989-889-1227 to get the legal representation you need at this critical time.

What Is the Difference Between a Contested and Uncontested Divorce?

One critical aspect of fighting for your rights in a divorce is understanding the difference between a contested and an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce can save you a vast amount of time and money, so it is important to work toward finding solutions without resorting to litigation. However, sometimes, it is necessary for divorcing couples to bring the matter before a judge. Having a divorce attorney on your side is essential to getting a favorable outcome, whatever type of divorce you find yourself in.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is also known as a cooperative divorce. These divorces involve the couple resolving critical issues without the interference of the family court. The couple may

work through mediation using the help of skilled attorneys to reach an agreement without needing a judge’s order. However, it is essential to recognize that decisions made without a judge are not legally binding.

Contested Divorce

In a contested divorce, the couple cannot reach a decision through mediation. A judge will handle the decision-making based on careful consideration of evidence presented by each spouse’s attorney. A skilled divorce lawyer presenting your case can make all the difference when seeking child custody, spousal maintenance, property division, visitation rights, and more.

What Issues Need to Be Resolved in a California Divorce?

While California is a no-fault state, meaning an individual can easily file for divorce based on several marital issues, going through a divorce is almost always complicated, especially in the case of a contested divorce. If the couple has kids, matters become even more difficult to resolve.

Some issues that must be addressed in any California divorce include:

  • Child custody, including who will make critical legal decisions regarding minor children and where they will reside
  • Visitation rights of non-custodial parents
  • Child support, where one ex-spouse is required to make payments to support the other ex-spouse in raising the children.
  • Spousal support, or financial support, an ex-husband or wife who is not prepared to provide a standard of living comparable to what they enjoyed during the marriage.
  • Dividing the marital property, which is often a matter of contention in high-asset divorces

How Can Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Help with My Contested Divorce?

When you and your spouse experience disagreement about how to handle the crucial issues in your divorce, a contested divorce lawyer may be necessary to resolve these issues. You may also need legal representation if you are facing allegations of domestic violence, neglect, or abandonment.

Some ways a lawyer can help with a contested divorce are:

  • Making every attempt to use a mediator to resolve differences without resorting to litigation
  • Negotiating with your spouse’s attorney to reach a decision
  • Submitting the necessary paperwork to ensure the divorce does not become delayed
  • Arguing on your behalf in court
  • Gathering and presenting evidence to support your case
  • Finding solutions regarding equitable distribution of the marital estate, including debts
  • Seeking fair child support and alimony payments that reflect your needs and financial situation
  • Enforcing court orders that your spouse has failed to follow

Should You Hire Our Contested Divorce Attorney?

Anyone going through a divorce in Orange County would benefit from having legal counsel to understand their options and have a better chance of a favorable outcome in their case. Hiring a skilled divorce lawyer is even more crucial when facing a contested divorce where you and your spouse cannot agree on one or more items.

Our legal team promises to dedicate our time, energy, skill, and honesty to get you the most favorable results in your contested divorce. We will work tirelessly to achieve a resolution, whether through mediation or in a trial. We will also listen carefully to you to align our actions with your goals and desires in the divorce.

At The Bledsoe Firm, we recognize that each client is so much more than a case number. You can rely on our honesty and dedication to finding positive results in your contested divorce case. Reach out to us right away to learn more about how we can help by calling 989-889-1227.