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Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Who Doesn’t Understand Narcissists – Orange County Divorce & Family Law

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You searched on google. You asked around for referrals. You spent hours reading reviews, and finally, you did it. You wrote out a check for a big fat retainer and you hired the divorce & family law lawyer who you thought would be the one to handle your case. Maybe you breathed a sigh of relief, thinking you might relax now that a professional was handling your divorce or family law matter.

But now the months have started to tick by and your doubts are growing. Your attorney seems flustered by the moves your ex is making. You try to warn your attorney about what your ex might try next, but they wave away your concerns. You are starting to feel like you’ve made a mistake.

If you have a divorce or family case complicated by narcissism, bipolar, borderline, or other mental illness, and you’ve hired an attorney who doesn’t really know much about those types of mental illnesses, you very well may have.

Three Things that Can Happen When You Hire an Attorney who is Clueless about Narcissism

  • Your attorney fails to anticipate the moves the opposing side might make
  • Your attorney doesn’t really believe your story about what you’ve experienced dealing with your narcissist ex.
  • Your ex is able to get the upper hand and use the legal system for narcissistic abuse. 

Narcissists don’t behave like normal people- that’s why they cause so much trouble. If your attorney doesn’t understand mental illness, they won’t understand or anticipate the moves a narcissist might make. Instead, they’ll be expecting them to act like a typical, rational person. The moves a narcissist and their counsel will make will definitely throw your attorney a curveball they will probably miss.

Your attorney may not believe your stories about the things your ex has done to you. The stuff narcissists do privately to people they target is unbelievable to most people. Your clueless attorney may find your stories of narcissistic abuse hard to believe. In fact, they may just think YOU are the crazy one.

Now your ex is able to outmaneuver you in the legal system and carry on abusing you. This is what you wanted to get away from, and now it’s gotten worse.

We Can Help You if Your Attorney is Outmaneuvered by Your Narcissist Ex

We don’t just know about handling divorces complicated by mental illness, we specialize in it. Since our firm specializes in divorce and family law cases that are complicated by narcissism and other personality disorders, we’ve written an extensive catalog of posts about how to handle the situation if your ex is a narcissist that you can read for more information. You can also give us a call so we can intervene directly and get you out of this mess. Call 949-889-1227 and we’ll tell you what to do.

The Good News

The good news is that you can still come out on top. If you make the right moves and hire the right counsel (firing your old attorney if necessary), the judge who has the final say in the matter can shut narcissistic legal maneuvers down and force your ex to accept a final judgment that awards you all that you are entitled to get. We’ve seen and successfully navigated this situation for our clients countless times and we can help you move forward.

Do you have a divorce or family law question?

Call our office today at 949-889-1227. We specialize in helping clients who have divorce and family law matters complicated by narcissism, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. John A. Bledsoe is Orange County’s premier divorce attorney and a certified family law specialist. Our firm offers a confidential initial case evaluation.  to learn more.

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