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Split Decisions: Winning your Southern California Divorce

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Our firm is pleased to announce the publication (in Paperback and Kindle) of Split Decisions: Winning your Southern California Divorce.

Every day, people in Southern California go to the family court system to battle divorce, custody, and other family law cases – which ultimately wreck their finances, their families, and their lives in the ugly process of family court litigation. But a new book has recently been launched which offers potential litigants a lifeline that could save them years of hassle, money, time, and heartache.

John Bledsoe, expert divorce lawyer and 25-year battle-tested veteran of the family court system, has written a groundbreaking tell-all book. Split Decisions: Winning Your Southern California Divorce distills a quarter-century of his wisdom and experience into practical advice anyone can use to survive the system.

Among other topics, the book informs readers about a wide variety of tips and tricks on how to win a divorce battle, including:

  • The important 90-minute meeting one must have before they file for divorce
  • What everyone needs to know before hiring a divorce attorney
  • How to take control of your case and your life
  • How to win with your Family Court Judge
  • How to avoid the crowded and inefficient and overcrowded public court system
  • And so much more!

Currently, Split Decisions: Winning Your Southern California Divorce is available on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback at


John A. Bledsoe began practicing family law in 1991. Since then, he has practiced throughout the state of California, been sworn in before the Supreme Court of the United States of America, and became an expert in divorce and family law matters. His expertise has been recognized formally by the

State Bar of California, who named him as a Certified Family Law Specialist (an elite sector of family law attorneys designated by the State Bar).

Our Firm Specializes in Southern California Divorce, Especially ones  Complicated by Narcissism and other Mental Illnesses. Do you have a divorce or family law question?

Call our office today at 949-889-1227. We specialize in helping clients who have divorce and family law matters complicated by gaslighting, narcissism, bipolar disorder, and other psychological challenges. John A. Bledsoe is Orange County’s premier divorce attorney and a certified family law specialist. Our firm offers a confidential initial case evaluation.  to learn more.

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