Paving the Pathway to a Promising Future


I’ve met John Bledsoe when my husband hired him for help with a very complicated case. I am a stepmom and John Bledsoe has been helping us to navigate and guide us through some complicated processes and what it evolves. Most importantly everything he does is in the best interest of the kids. We trust him and we are blessed to have someone like him by our side. Thank you John! (2020) Update April 2022: We had our "last" child custody hearing (fingers crosses it's last). We won = everything we have wanted for the kid (There were 3 main things we wanted: child therapy, better living situation, better school.) John Bledsoe has helped us in every step of the way, keeping in mind everything is in the child's best interest. My husband and I have been celebrating and forever thankful to John Bledsoe and his firm. Thank you John!!!
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